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The Reverend Louis Saunders’ eulogy was painfully brief, partly because two other ministers had refused at the last minute out of fear they themselves would be assassinated by a sniper.He recited passages from the Twenty-third Psalm and John 14, then added only: “Mrs.

Apart from his tattered innards and a heart roughly handled by his would-be life-savers, Oswald’s other vital organs appeared normal.He proved how prosecutors had hidden evidence in the deeply flawed case.Eddowes claimed Evans could not have been the killer…and he was right. He eventually moved to Dallas to be closer to the story, and he was intrigued by the rumors he heard about Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Union after he left the Marines in 1959.Linda Norton, then an assistant medical examiner in Dallas, suggesting that the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office reassert its original jurisdiction over Oswald’s body. She ordered a copy of Oswald’s medical and dental records from the Military Personnel Records Center.They’d ultimately be crucial for any identification because they were dated before Oswald’s defection to the USSR and thus contained authentic identity data of the “real” Lee Harvey Oswald.“I feel it would be in the best public interest to conduct the exhumation,” Dr. “If there’s a question and a reasonable question that science can resolve, then that’s our business.” Promising to pay all expenses, Eddowes persuaded Marina Oswald – who suspected the grave was empty – to consent to a private autopsy.

Marina was haunted by a 1964 visit with government agents who had asked her to sign a stack of cemetery papers without explanation.

Trauma surgeons poured fifteen pints of blood into him and manually squeezed his faltering heart to revive it, but it simply stopped for good at p.m. Dallas County Medical Examiner Earl Rose started Oswald’s autopsy less than two hours after he was pronounced dead. Blood, no longer being pumped by his dead heart, was pooling naturally in the corpse’s hollows.

Rose’s external examination found nothing remarkable: The average-sized, wavy-haired, slightly balding man on Rose’s slab had slate-blue eyes, decent oral hygiene, a few old scars, no sign of alcohol or drug abuse, a shaved chest and pubic area, and was in otherwise good physical shape, if you didn’t count being dead.

A serial killer who lived downstairs in the same building later confessed. In 1975, he self-published Khrushchev Killed Kennedy, in which he alleged that a “look-alike” Soviet agent had killed Kennedy, not Oswald.

Eddowes believed the KGB had trained a body-double named Alec to assume Oswald’s identity.

Even his bowels went miraculously untouched by the bullet.