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It’s as if the planning becomes the substitute for actually doing.But as for more concrete advice for a new traveler, I’d highly, highly recommend learning as much of the target language you can before leaving.

But my travels have become so much more rewarding as my language skills improved and I could really communicate with the people I was meeting on a daily basis. But you don’t actually need much more beyond your passport, and a general idea of where you are going (or in some cases, places you go, for safety’s sake).We will mostly be traveling along the Andean spine on this journey, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the mountain scenery. My solo road trip across the American West was an absolutely transformative experience, and the seed of driving to Patagonia got planted in my mind and took root over a few years.I began to think, why just drive across America when you can drive across of the Americas?(Which, let’s be honest, sounds like an amazing adventure! Ryan: I’m 33 years old and originally from Seattle, Washington, but after college I spent five years working in Washington, DC in the halls of Congress.When my boss decided to retire in 2012 instead of run for re-election, I opted to take a yearlong sabbatical to road-trip across the American West and to hike and climb as much as I could. A hilarious video shows couples on a marriage retreat in Chicago playing a human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

A pile of colored balls sits in the middle of a circle of couples.

Several husbands get a little too competitive by flinging their wives across the floor to get more balls, while a couple of the wives cheat by picking up balls with their hands.

The imaginative game was part of a marriage retreat held by 3rd Strand Marriage Ministry in 2016 but the video has since re-emerged online.

We only made it as far as Medellín, where I settled down.

I felt a need to slow down after living out of my truck and then a backpack for about 15 months — and then meeting a great local girlfriend and I drove my truck from Seattle to Medellín, traveling overland through every country in Central America and having an amazing time.

Before leaving, we planned in broad strokes the route we would take, about how long we thought we would take in each country, etc., but we were open to being flexible throughout the journey.