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Hogfish reach a maximum of 91 cm (36 in) in total length and about 11 kg (24 lb) and have been recorded to live up to 11 years.

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A prominent black spot behind the pectoral fins differentiates males from females. Like many wrasses, the hogfish is a sequential hermaphrodite, which means it changes sex during different life stages.The nation was scandalised in the 1950s when it was revealed she had hosted sex parties.Five months following her death, Mr Dors-Lake's father, actor Alan Lake, killed himself using a shotgun in his son's room. The dorsal fin usually is composed of three or four long dorsal spines followed by a series of shorter dorsal spines. The hogfish is a protogynous, "first female" hermaphrodite: juvenile hogfish start out as female and then mature to become male.The change usually occurs around three years of age and about 14 inches in length.Mr Dors-Laker asked her to stop, which he said she did but continued shortly after.

He claimed that, in the morning, Ms Labedzka began 'wailing like a banshee' at him in Polish.

Hogfish, is a commonly targeted species for many spear and reef fisherman and is regarded highly by many for its taste and food value.

In 2007, the Florida landings of hogfish totaled 306,953 pounds.

Magistrates said they were not persuaded beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Dors-Laker had committed and offence.

Mr Dors-Laker was just 14 when his mother, who was billed as a British version of Marilyn Monrow, died from ovarian cancer aged 52.

Females and juveniles will usually start out as pale gray, brown, or reddish brown in color, with a paler underside and no distinct patterns.