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Single mom of twins dating

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The decision was mutual because, amid all the frantic planning, we realized we were incompatible.

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If anyone else thinks it’s strange and unnatural, they’re entitled to their opinion — but I honestly don’t give a s – – t.I had the money, the energy and the endless reserves of love to raise a child. I enrolled at Weill Cornell and had five unsuccessful attempts at IUI (intrauterine insemination) using donor sperm, before moving on to IVF using donor eggs because my own mature eggs were clearly not making the grade.It was pretty intense choosing the donors — and it was done with the same dedication I apply to my work.I’m confident, attractive, successful in my career and own a $1 million apartment on the Upper East Side. Right, get married, and my kids will have a loving father in their lives.It’s 2014 — who cares about the “traditional” order of things?He was exactly the kind of guy I’d have dated in my 20s. Fortunately, the embryo took the first time and I was pregnant with a girl. I look young for my age — friends say I pass for 10 years younger and I’ve had the occasional Botox and collagen injection — so nobody raised eyebrows when they discovered I was pregnant, at least to my face. The fertility treatment had cost about $75K, but I knew I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Telling my mom, in her 80s and very old-fashioned, was no mean task. Scarlett was born via Caesarean on May 30, 2012, three days after my 49th birthday. I’m proof that just because a woman is single, older and career-oriented, she doesn’t have to give up on her dreams of being a mom. If anyone asks how I cope as an older mother, I’m honest about my strategy. Scarlett had a $350-a-day baby nurse for the first three months, and I now employ an amazing full-time nanny.

The egg donor was a fashion major at Parsons — and, like me, Jewish, petite and from a big family. It’s very hip.” I went into the physicality of the anonymous sperm donor because I knew that approach would appeal to her. ” It wasn’t the easiest nine months, since I was nauseous the entire period.

The sperm was donated by a tall, dark, sporty type with long limbs, beautiful eyes and almost a perfect SAT score. Next thing, she was calling up her sister, bragging: “Tracey’s pregnant. But I’ve always looked after myself — eating well, going to the gym — so, if anything, the exhaustion came from working my usual 14 to 16 hours a day.

Manhattan publicist Tracey Kahn, 51, is pregnant with her second child, due in February.

Her daughter, Scarlett, whom she delivered when she was 49, is 2.

Sitting in the waiting room at the clinic, I glance at the other moms and would-be moms, anxiously anticipating whichever procedure or test they’re scheduled for that day.