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Schedule updating process

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“A few months ago, we invested in a cloud-based, collaborative project management tool. Now, I don’t waste my time following up with every team member.Everyone on the team tracks their time each week, and we bill that time, and manage it, against the activities in the project schedule.

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In general, their designers also aspire to make their operation easily communicated to users and to make them flexible so that they can be changed readily.It all took place a few years ago at a little Thai food restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan.The best Thai food place in Metro Detroit is hands down Bangkok 96 on Telegraph Road and Michigan Avenue.I ran through the frustrating process: “I have to get a hold of my development team to do the usual updates.I also need to get a hold of Jerry and his infrastructure guys to confirm that the servers are being stood up in time.Agencies should review their schedules at least annually and update them whenever necessary, including within six months after NARA's issuance of changes in the GRS (.12).

I remember the day I gave up maintaining the project schedule.

Some schedules, especially those containing records relating to financial management, claims, and other related matters, must also be approved by the General Accounting Office (GAO) (44 U. They are issued by the Archivist of the United States under the authority of 44 U. A general introduction to the GRS and each of the General Records Schedules are available on the NARA Records Management web site.

Records schedules remain in effect as long as they are valid, i.e., as long as the nature, content, and functional importance of the records remain the same (.14).

Bangkok 96 was our go-to restaurant where we could catch up and talk about our respective jobs and the projects we were working on.

Just as my Gang Gai chicken was being served, I launched into my dread of my upcoming afternoon: chasing down task statuses from team members in order to update the schedule before week’s end.

“We even took document management to the next level,” Darren continued.