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Rick springfield dating history

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When Caminer started on the project in 2009, she was not fully aware of Springfield's still-sizable fanbase; Lentz-Janney, however, is a self-described "recovering Rick-aholic." In fact, she got the $40,000 seed money for from a high school teacher who'd witnessed Lentz-Janney's burgeoning obsession after her first Springfield show at age 15.Inspired by a scene in the film, Caminer and Lentz-Janney pitched Springfield on attending the IFC screening to silently lead the audience in a game of Ricktionary, a version of Pictionary favored by fans on the annual Rick Springfield Cruise.

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We went to a really great Jungian therapist, and I was like, This is just not working out. Q&A: Andrew Mc Carthy Talks Teen Stardom, Travel and the Enduring Legacy of ' Weekend at Bernie's' THR: You've played yourself -- sort of -- on is your 17th studio album. I was never the guy who put up the platinum and gold records around the house.I had come off of people screaming and yelling, and the shows being really high-energy.I didn't know if everyone was going to be just sitting there going, "That was kind of a nice song, yeah, I remember that." But I walked on stage and it was like bedlam from beginning to end, and it still is." Springfield: I never knew when they were going to show up, the documentary people. Q&A: ' Chicago Fire' Creators on ' Classic' Storytelling, Avoiding the Procedural Trap and ' Hoping' for Longevity THR: One of the most touching scenes in the documentary is when you're at a piano bar playing "Ordinary Girl, a song you wrote for your wife of many years, Barbara, and she's there, singing along and wiping tears from her eyes.I mean, we stumbled out of a van in Sweden after an 18-hour trip to Europe, and they're there. The Sweden Rock Festival was a hard-rock show that was headlined by Guns N' Roses. Springfield: No, because I like to take those kinds of things by the balls. But the filmmakers told me that she was off-limits to them.Appropriately, the IFC theater was set to be filled with diehards, many of whom have supported him since the early 1980s when he released his breakout album, , and her producing partner Melanie Lentz-Janney.

They were depending on his star power to garner attention for their feature, which has been lauded by Hot Docs and film fests from Florida to Nashville.

Canceling was never an option, Springfield explained the next day.

"It would be pretty shabby to appear flippant around around a documentary that's about how much I love my fans," he said, his voice fully restored following a successful appearance.

I'm not a bad guy, but ego is a destructive, terrible thing, and I was certainly under the power of that.

Then [in the mid-90s] I started to go back to playing, and I was really scared.

Averaging five hours of sleep a night, he made the requisite stops on the talk-show circuit -- , to name only three -- performing energetic sets on practically every program.