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Read between by jessica warman online dating

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There's a fair bit of discussion about eating disorders in .

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The resolution of the various mysteries wasn't a big surprise, but it was interesting to see how the various plot threads tied together.I think if the premise of a popular girl caught in limbo after her death, trying to figure out what happened to her, grabs you, then you should take a look at .And it is nice to see a paranormal mystery, to counter the current glut of paranormal romance novels.Warman uses flashes of images, like Richie sitting on his windowsill smoking out the window, and they work well together.All in all, I found enjoyable and memorable (if occasionally irritating).She has only limited memories of her life and who she is.

Liz travels back into her own memories, between watching her family and friends in the present, trying to figure out what kind of person she was in life and what caused her death.

People aren't supposed to die on their birthday! I found her self-analysis a bit overly explained, but I suspect that teen readers will be more able than I am to relate to that figuring out of self.

And that is the point of the story, after all, for her to be caught in limbo until she figures things out.

Liz finds herself trapped in limbo, able to see and hear her friends and family members, but unable to communicate with them.

The only person she can communicate with is Alex Berg, a boy from her class who was killed in a hit and run accident a year earlier.

The two do reach an understanding, eventually, but their roles still feel a bit stereotyped. Nobody will be happy about this." His voice is bone dry. I'm aware of your social status." (Page 26) And this: "He looks around my room, observing the mess and disarray. "I always thought you guys -- everyone in the upper social echelon -- I assumed you had such simple, perfect lives.