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” Yuuri says without thinking, not even looking as if there’s anything off with his statement, but knowing him, he’d probably rewatch the commentary and then later die of embarrassment.Morooka can’t help but snort for real this time, “And coming up, Triple Salchow, Triple Loop—and yes, Viktor lands the combination, beautifully executed as usual.”“Now, going into his final quad, a Quad Lutz, the difficult entry gives it more points and damn, a little bit of an over rotation there but hey, I can’t believe I’m being picky over a Quad Lutz,” Yuuri muses.“Yes, Viktor’s jumps are arguably his strong points. He’s a very strong technical skater,” Morooka starts, but Yuuri quickly cuts him off.“I’d have to disagree with you there.

The sincerity was practically oozing out of the younger man and none of his words felt like the empty flattery reporters often used on him. He drops the mic, his face scrunching up in horror at himself.Yes, he’s great with his technical but Viktor always scores high in the program component too and there’s a reason for that.I think Viktor’s musicality and interpretation is unmatched,” Yuuri says passionately, his eyes fixed on Viktor’s form.“I see your point,” Morooka concedes, knowing better than anyone not to contradict Yuuri during a Nikiforov skate, “Beautiful spin right now, nothing less than expected for the defending four-time Champion. ”“With the lead he has from his beautiful Short Program and with the way he’s skating right now, I’d say it’s impossible for him not to,” Yuuri offers.“No surprise, Viktor is no doubt the number one skater in the world.”“Viktor in his final pose now and wow, what a beautiful performance, really!“And wow, that was a beautiful Viktor—I mean, a beautiful Quad Flip by Viktor.” Yuuri visibly winces and he momentarily covers his face.Morooka glances at him in concern but Yuuri shrugs it off quickly and shakes his head as he continues, “Really, others try to do it, but no one does a Quad Flip quite as well or quite as clean as Viktor—if they even manage to land it.”Or: AU where Yuuri goes into commentating instead but he still has a Huge Gay Crush on Viktor Nikiforov and everyone can tell.Viktor makes his way around the ice, a charming smile on his lips as he waves at the audience.“Honestly, Viktor makes it look effortless.

Other skaters look like they’re struggling sometimes, but Viktor makes it look so easy,” Marook praises and Yuuri nods enthusiastically. Yuuri’s words are incriminating enough, really.“Something insanely special would have to come around to actually beat him,” Yuuri agrees.

Viktor hides his smile behind his hand before he crouches down too and tilts his head at the man mumbling something unrecognizable.“Hey,” he says cheerfully and the other man looks up through his fingers.“I am so sorry!

” The man moans, squeezing his eyes shut, “I knew I shouldn’t have been the one to interview you and that I’d just mess up. ”“Aww,” Viktor pouts as he places a finger on his lips, “If you weren’t the one to interview me, how else would I have met a cutie like you?

It’s so rare to have such a perfect, well rounded skater such as Viktor.

He is honestly a complete package, I can’t believe he’s real sometimes,” Yuuri sighs wistfully.

“Please tell me you’re not talking about Yuuri Katsuki.”Viktor perks up and smiles, wide and bright, “Oh? He shouldn’t be so surprised that Viktor didn’t know.