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Work on this book started in 1409 by the Limbourg brothers (Gebroeders van Limburg – Herman, Paul, and Johan) famous Dutch miniature painters from the city of Nijmegen.They had already worked for the Duke before and from 1404 till 1409 they had worked on the and Nijmegen was the capital of Gelre at that time, Philip however paid for their release and safeguarded them back to Nijmegen.

While in most of these prayer books illumination and decorations were kept to a minimal, books made for wealthy patrons may be extremely lavish, with full-page miniatures and de Très Riches Heures is no doubt the most richly decorated of all, it has 416 pages, including 131 with large miniatures and many more with border decorations or historiated initials.Très Riches Heures – Book of Hours Jean, Duc de Berry commissioned what perhaps is the most important artistic work of the High Middle Ages, Très Riches Heures.The book of hours was a devotional book popular in the Middle Ages.Here the Burgundians fought their power game with the Armagnacs .These intrigues also spilled over in the 100 Year War, with the Armagnacs supporting the French national cause.Ben jij die neukstier die echt lekker hard kan neuken, en me als een bull gaat verkrachten?

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The consequences of their actions here led to the creation of the famous Burgundian lands. For his brave behaviour Philip, the fourth son of the French King John II – the Good (born in 1342), received his nickname ‘the bold’ in the Hundred Years’ War during the battle of Poitier, which France lost, but the 14 year old prince had shown great courage during this battle and as a reward received in 1360 the fiefdom of the duchy of Touraine (Loire Valley).

Philip, together with his brothers, Charles V, King of France, Louis I, Duke of Anjou and John, Duke of Berry were amongst the most influential, educated and respected leaders of their time.

We start with an overview of the for Dukes and their Court in Dijon.

The first 50 years was dominated by French politics, the following 50 years saw their attention moving towards the north of their territory.

At it heights this territory Included: the two Burgundies, Flanders, Artois, Limburg, Brabant, Luxemburg, Namur, Charlois, Zeeland, Zutphen, Guelre, Hainault and Holland.