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While attitudes toward gay and lesbian identity (among other issues) remain tangled and complex, the crucial thing to bear in mind is that all of us have such questions at one time or another.

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D., FAAP, Chairman of the Pediatrics Department and Director of Adolescent Medicine at Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, N. “The most appropriate and important thing for a parent and a child or adolescent in dealing with questions about sexuality and sexual health is an open channel of communication.”In today’s hyper-sexualized culture of Internet sites, mass media entertainers, and 24/7 programming, the traditional “birds and bees” lecture (or pamphlet handed to the child to read on her or his own) on reproductive basics is completely inadequate.The good news is that as many as half of all adolescents do just that.But that leaves the other half at risk — many of them engaging in unprotected sex, exposing themselves to potentially grave disease and unwanted pregnancy.“The most important thing to teach your child is responsibility,” Dr. “Discuss how to make decisions and understand what the consequences of decisions will be. Use this moment as an opportunity to teach and encourage, not to pronounce a harsh, dismissive judgment.“Never let them forget that your love is unconditional,” Dr. “Tell them, ‘I am here with you, and I love you and I will be here with you no matter what through all of this.’ Yes, it’s much easier said than done, but no less important.”So what should you talk about?Perhaps start with how sexuality is portrayed in the media and, far more importantly, how it “works” in real life — the potentially bad consequences and catastrophes than can be a result of sexual activity, as well as the pleasure and positive results of responsible sexuality (remember: the job here is to be honest.) “You see a character in a TV show who’s made a decision with regard to sex,” Dr. “Start the discussion there, but don’t make it your soapbox.No matter what your sex preferences are, Lingerie Free Sex is ready to offer you the best HQ content to your liking.

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The more frequently and frankly sexual matters are discussed, the easier and even more open such discussions are likely to be as you both grow comfortable with talking about it.

“Let’s face it, we’re all embarrassed to talk about sex with each other,” Dr. “The easiest way to start is to be real with your adolescent: ‘This is really hard for me to talk about, and it was hard for me to talk about with my dad when I was your age.’ But it’s important to talk about, and we have to talk about embarrassing things sometimes.”Keep reminding your child that you are in her corner every step of the way.

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