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Dating an elgin pocket watch

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Only 7 watches acquired in the last 3 weeks - not good.The last English Keyless watch I bought in was 5 weeks ago and it is 8 weeks since I got a high grade American watch in.

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NAWCCThe British Horological Institute The Coventry Watch Museum Project Fellows Advice on selling old pocket watches I have no experience of any of these...English Pocket Watches English Verge Fusee, Fusee Lever & Key Set Watches E781 Row, Pair Cased Verge Fusee, Silver 0J 1862 425E782 Unsigned English Fusee, Silver 9J 1876 320 J. E743 Vine & Thompson Fob Watch, Silver 11J Half Hunter,1891 475W718 Waltham 1899-620, Gold 15J 1904 315W738 Waltham 1908-Marquis, Silver 15J 1912 320W694 Waltham 1908-Traveler, Silver 7J 1925/6 240W677 Keystone Howard Duracy, Silveroid 7J c1910 275S657 Omega., Nickel Silver 15J 1923 330S840 J. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1938 355S692 Tavannes, Gold 15J c1913 285S632 Cyma, Nickel Silver 7J 1924/5 225S624 Cyma, Silver 15J 1919 260S829 Stauffer (Revue), Nickel 15J c1930 280S793 Sammes (Hand Landeron), Silver 15J c 1895 350S705 Revue, Gold 15J c1930 305S711 Limit (Revue), Silver 19J 1929 340Marine Bulkhead Clocks MC2 Tempora (Smiths ), Brass 7J c1960 450MC1 Sestrel (Elliott), Brass 7J c1955 425MC4 Smith Astral Cal156 Centre Seconds, Base Metal 7J c1937 425MC3 Marpro (Smiths Cal 31) 8 Day, Brass 15J c1965 275A good number of watches by Benson and a few very nice high end ones by Waltham came along in early November, other than that supply remains very limited (and through 9th December got much worse, only 1 watch acquired in the last 13 days! Some nice watches became available pre Christmas but many had major faults and /or went for a lot of money.Apart from 3 or 4 lucky finds there has been little of note since Christmas and the better watches have been rather too expensive.Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies.On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer and I got a Unimat SL from 1971 in very good shape.Service website for Antique Clock, Watch and Barometer Collectors, Restorers and Dealers worldwide.

Antique clocks, antique watches, antique barometers, (antieke klokken en horloges, horlogerie ancienne, antike Uhren, orologi antichi) sale and restoration (restauratie, reparatie), important collections, fine timepieces.

De Horological Foundation is een stichting zonder winstdoeleinden, ze beoogd d.m.v.

haar website een platform te zijn voor eenieder die geinteresseerd is in belangrijke antieke klokken, horloges, barometers en instrumenten.

As this is a retirement business I keep my turnover below the VAT registration level so that I am not required to charge VAT on sales saving customers inside the EU at least 9% but this does mean that there is no reduction for customers in other countries.

News of particularly interesting pocket watches for sale and short posts on horology related subjects are available on my Facebook page (just click “Like” below if you are on Facebook), many of these are also available on my Blog together with some longer articles.

American Pocket Watches Due to the way I track stock on my Excel spread sheet from which this list is derived, the list will not normally include items on the web site but reserved nor those still in final test and not available for shipment, however the latter are shown above under New Stock.