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Bloggers, DJs, and critics helped us assemble this comprehensive list of great love songs. One, we excluded breakup songs and come-back-to-me songs and please-sleep-with-me songs.

(I'm a sucker for a bad-boy-gone-good story.) And as a bonus, Kanye West's production is impeccable, and Jay-Z's chemistry with Beyonce floods the track.Spice Girl Geri Halliwell named her baby girl after two of her favorite things: bluebells and Madonna It could be worse. At least Bluebell Madonna is a pretty adorable tot. These are songs you could play to your current squeeze immediately after saying, "Steve/Miriam, this song explains my feelings for you, which may be nuanced but are ultimately positive," and not expect to sleep on the couch.Sure, "Best I Ever Had" gets a little raunchy, but when Drake reaches the lines "Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on/ That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong," you can bet that every girl listening squeals with delight. Iron & Wine, "Naked As We Came" (2004) ### Either ghoulish or profound, "Naked As We Came" is a promise to whoever in a couple dies first to "spread our ashes round the yard" — a pledge of ultimate devotion, presented in quiet, almost domestic terms.— With a good love, everything else in life can seem better. The Beatles may have said it with "All You Need Is Love," but "Chasing Cars" nails the desire for the other person to feel the same way. Weirdly moving, it's a love song that also manages to cover life, death, and everything in between. Jay-Z, "'03 Bonnie and Clyde" (2002) ### To hear Jay-Z, the man who once rapped, "Me, give my heart to a woman?JT's love is humble and refreshingly cute, dreaming only of hand-holding and beach-walking.

He may have brought sexy back, but he didn't forget to bring sweetness along for the ride.

Lastly, come back next week for the best love songs of the '00s, and click here for the best love songs of the '60s, the best love songs of the '70s, the best love songs of the '80s, and the best love songs of the '90s. Avett Brothers, "January Wedding" (2009) ### For all the hype that surrounded the Avett Brothers on their first ascent into the mainstream, they weren't really doing anything revolutionary: just gracing the bluegrass and folk sounds of their native North Carolina with plaintive, beautifully rendered melodies.

Okay, ," their first American single, is something different. "January Wedding" is as pure a love song as you could ever wish for: "True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down / Don't ever turn it down." — Listen: Avett Brothers, "January Wedding" 23.

The song is majestic and ethereal; the chords are shimmering, expanding, always on the brink of overwhelming you. Corinne Bailey Rae, "Like a Star" (2006) ### Corinne Bailey Rae knows her way around a love song.

Yet what really grabs me is the romance of the whole thing. She may fight with her paramour, like, all the time, but she still finds it an honor to love someone whom she feels is "just like a star across my sky, just like an angel off the page." — Listen: Corinne Bailey Rae, "Like a Star" 22.

After Kingston and Zuma Nesta Rock, "Bowie Flynn" is actually a combination of Stefani and Rossdale's mothers' maiden names.