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Auto updating slide show viewer

Also, I believe Share Point has some awesome magic for this sort of thing. This is really quite simple, especially since you say you want to change a slide that's not currently in view (which can get tricky due to bugs in some PPT versions). You'll have to save the presentation as PPTM or PPSM rather than PPTX/PPTX.Follow the instrux included as comments: Option Explicit ' We'll modify slide #4 ...

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If you enjoy using my free addins, consider donating. I can do whatever I want, including update and rearrange, as well as delete upcoming slides, while the show displays in a different session in powerpoint.What's the best way to teach Christian values to children? But mostly because they didn't originally have the budget for CGI that could handle complex characters.Donations help keep the new add-ins, updates coming and help pay for the time spent maintaining and improving the software. A self-booting slideshow (also sometimes referred to as a digital picture frame), created on a raspberry pi, originally configured for the exhibition Hard To Please at Little Berlin art space, November 2014.I need to find a way to update a powerpoint slide mid-presentation with images based on audience feedback (ie.

audience votes for an image and then that image gets put on a slide later).

change as needed ' Make sure that the slide has no empty content or picture placeholders on it Const l Slide Num As Long = 4 Sub Add An Image() ' add a shape to any slide you like ' assign the shape an Action Setting of Run Macro: Add An Image Dim o Sl As Slide Dim o Sh As Shape Set o Sl = Active Presentation.

Slides(l Slide Num) ' bring in the image; setting width/height to -1 ensures that you ' don't distort it Set o Sh = o Sl. Add Picture("c:\temp\photo.jpg", mso False, mso True, 0, 0, -1, -1) With o Sh . Slide Width End With End Sub In this case, it just adds the picture directly, no placeholder as such.

Through semi-anthropomorphized God-loving vegetables. After all, if you make a green sphere and call it a pea, who's to argue?

Well, they're good for you, and what child wouldn't want to munch on versions of their favorite characters?

It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, retouching and color adjustments.