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Are dexter and his sister dating in real life

On a series that has struggled with characters of color, it was regrettable to have rapper Mos Def playing a figure who uselessly regurgitated the season's religious themes and then got killed in a forgettable subplot. Brian Moser's return was teased endlessly, and the shocking reveal was supposed to be a major talked-about moment. We know Dexter sees dead people — hello, his dad is like The contrived twist that Travis' mentor Professor Gellar was dead would have been bad enough as is; but thanks to the deductive powers of the internet — and some really sloppy writing — everyone called this big reveal before Dexter did.

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In Season 5, Dexter discovered Lumen, a woman who had been raped and tormented by her captors.In Season 2, Deb became romantically involved with the much older Frank Lundy.It wasn't the age difference that was the problem — it was that Debra was forced into another "inappropriate" romance, so soon after her relationship with the Ice Truck Killer.If you're Deb, you latch onto the next ill-advised romantic partner.In this case, it was Anton Briggs, who should've been keeping a low profile as Quinn's CI, but of course, he found himself drawn to the complicated Debra Morgan.Here's what happens when someone finds out about Dexter: He fucks the person, or he kills the person.

With Stan Liddy, the corrupt police officer Quinn hired to find out the truth about Dexter in Season 5, it was the latter.

The fact that she acknowledged her bad choices in men didn't make this any better, and the pattern has continued throughout the series.

Another pattern the series has had a hard time avoiding: an outside character finding out that Dexter is a serial killer and going along with it.

As if the Lumen storyline didn't smack of Lila enough, once again, Dexter had to start sleeping with the strange new woman in his life.

Dexter's love life hasn't been as much of a disaster as Deb's, but there is a sense that the writers can't stop repeating themselves.

was arguably the messiest — well, perhaps until the show's current and final eighth season.